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Franchise PF PP Eff Bench Points Max PF Min PF Coulda Won Woulda Lost Power Rank Alternate Power Rank W L T Pct
Sapporo Samurai0.0%0000.000000.000
Rhody Ugly Apes0.0%0000.000000.000
Master of Puppets0.0%0000.000000.000
Burlington Big'uns0.0%0000.000000.000
Wandering Warthogs0.0%0000.000000.000
Tennessee Wookies0.0%0000.000000.000
Georgia Big Cats0.0%0000.000000.000
Quincy Quaffers0.0%0000.000000.000
Insane Tick Posse0.0%0000.000000.000
Pepperell Freaks0.0%0000.000000.000
Killington Kings0.0%0000.000000.000