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Taxi Squad Updates (Published Thu Feb 7 11:10:44 a.m. ET 2019)

The Taxi Squad options have been updated for the 2019 season. You can check out the new options on the Taxi Squad Setup screen:

  1. Now, instead of an option to limit the Taxi Squad to just Rookies, you can specify rookies and players with 1 or 2 years of experience
  2. Also, the option to allow players on BYE to be on the Taxi Squad can be combined with the years of experience option. Previously, it was either Rookies OR bye week players. Now it can be either or both of those options.

New Player Pop-Up Links (Published Tue Feb 5 4:43:28 p.m. ET 2019)

Welcome to the 2019 season of MyFantasyLeague.com! We are excited for another great year of fantasy football as we continue to update and enhance the features and options available for you and your leagues.

The first change you'll notice is that the NFL Player Links throughout the league will now show you the detailed player stats and bio in a pop-up window instead of opening a new web page. This will allow for faster and more efficient views of the player information from various reports in your league. For example, when viewing the Top Performers Report, you can click on any player name to view their bio information and player stats as well as their fantasy free agent status and any recent player news.

You can still click on the arrow in the upper right of the player pop-up box to open a separate player page if desired. Also be aware that the commissioner of the league can turn this new Player Pop-Up option off if desired from the Reports and Security Settings screen.