Show me the career records for franchises for games between week and week
Career Records
#FranchiseWLTPctPFAvg PFPAAvg PASeasons
1.Franchise 8 0000.00000.000.02020
2.Franchise 9 0000.00000.000.02020
3.TEST TEAM SK 0000.00000.000.02020
4.Franchise 4 0000.00000.000.02020
5.Franchise 7 0000.00000.000.02020
6.ur4--sticks 0000.00000.000.02020
7.THE COOK 0000.00000.000.02020
8.TEST SCRIPT LOGO 0000.00000.000.02020
9.BLAYNE TEST 0000.00000.000.02020
10.Franchise 10 0000.00000.000.02020
Hint: Missing past seasons on this report? If so, it might mean that your commissioner needs to fill out the Link Historical Franchises page.