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Draft Results For FFL! FFL! FFL!
1.011Sapporo SamuraiDraft hasn't started yet. Will start on Thu, Sep 3.- 
1.022Master of Puppets- 
1.033Rhody Ugly Apes- 
1.044Tennessee Wookies- 
1.055Killington Kings- 
1.077Wandering Warthogs- 
1.088Georgia Big Cats- 
1.099Burlington Big'uns- 
1.1010Insane Tick Posse- 
1.1111Pepperell Freaks- 
1.1212Quincy Quaffers- 
2.0113Quincy Quaffers- 
2.0214Pepperell Freaks- 
2.0315Insane Tick Posse- 
2.0416Burlington Big'uns- 
2.0517Georgia Big Cats- 
2.0618Wandering Warthogs- 
2.0820Killington Kings- 
2.0921Tennessee Wookies- 
2.1022Rhody Ugly Apes- 
2.1123Master of Puppets- 
2.1224Sapporo Samurai- 
3.0125Sapporo Samurai- 
3.0226Master of Puppets- 
3.0327Rhody Ugly Apes- 
3.0428Tennessee Wookies- 
3.0529Killington Kings- 
3.0731Wandering Warthogs- 
3.0832Georgia Big Cats- 
3.0933Burlington Big'uns- 
3.1034Insane Tick Posse- 
3.1135Pepperell Freaks- 
3.1236Quincy Quaffers- 
4.0137Quincy Quaffers- 
4.0238Pepperell Freaks- 
4.0339Insane Tick Posse- 
4.0440Burlington Big'uns- 
4.0541Georgia Big Cats- 
4.0642Wandering Warthogs- 
4.0844Killington Kings- 
4.0945Tennessee Wookies- 
4.1046Rhody Ugly Apes- 
4.1147Master of Puppets- 
4.1248Sapporo Samurai- 
5.0149Sapporo Samurai- 
5.0250Master of Puppets- 
5.0351Rhody Ugly Apes- 
5.0452Tennessee Wookies- 
5.0553Killington Kings- 
5.0755Wandering Warthogs- 
5.0856Georgia Big Cats- 
5.0957Burlington Big'uns- 
5.1058Insane Tick Posse- 
5.1159Pepperell Freaks- 
5.1260Quincy Quaffers- 
6.0161Quincy Quaffers- 
6.0262Pepperell Freaks- 
6.0363Insane Tick Posse- 
6.0464Burlington Big'uns- 
6.0565Georgia Big Cats- 
6.0666Wandering Warthogs- 
6.0868Killington Kings- 
6.0969Tennessee Wookies- 
6.1070Rhody Ugly Apes- 
6.1171Master of Puppets- 
6.1272Sapporo Samurai- 
7.0173Sapporo Samurai- 
7.0274Master of Puppets- 
7.0375Rhody Ugly Apes- 
7.0476Tennessee Wookies- 
7.0577Killington Kings- 
7.0779Wandering Warthogs- 
7.0880Georgia Big Cats- 
7.0981Burlington Big'uns- 
7.1082Insane Tick Posse- 
7.1183Pepperell Freaks- 
7.1284Quincy Quaffers- 
8.0185Quincy Quaffers- 
8.0286Pepperell Freaks- 
8.0387Insane Tick Posse- 
8.0488Burlington Big'uns- 
8.0589Georgia Big Cats- 
8.0690Wandering Warthogs- 
8.0892Killington Kings- 
8.0993Tennessee Wookies- 
8.1094Rhody Ugly Apes- 
8.1195Master of Puppets- 
8.1296Sapporo Samurai- 
9.0197Sapporo Samurai- 
9.0298Master of Puppets- 
9.0399Rhody Ugly Apes- 
9.04100Tennessee Wookies- 
9.05101Killington Kings- 
9.07103Wandering Warthogs- 
9.08104Georgia Big Cats- 
9.09105Burlington Big'uns- 
9.10106Insane Tick Posse- 
9.11107Pepperell Freaks- 
9.12108Quincy Quaffers- 
10.01109Quincy Quaffers- 
10.02110Pepperell Freaks- 
10.03111Insane Tick Posse- 
10.04112Burlington Big'uns- 
10.05113Georgia Big Cats- 
10.06114Wandering Warthogs- 
10.08116Killington Kings- 
10.09117Tennessee Wookies- 
10.10118Rhody Ugly Apes- 
10.11119Master of Puppets- 
10.12120Sapporo Samurai- 
11.01121Sapporo Samurai- 
11.02122Master of Puppets- 
11.03123Rhody Ugly Apes- 
11.04124Tennessee Wookies- 
11.05125Killington Kings- 
11.07127Wandering Warthogs- 
11.08128Georgia Big Cats- 
11.09129Burlington Big'uns- 
11.10130Insane Tick Posse- 
11.11131Pepperell Freaks- 
11.12132Quincy Quaffers- 
12.01133Quincy Quaffers- 
12.02134Pepperell Freaks- 
12.03135Insane Tick Posse- 
12.04136Burlington Big'uns- 
12.05137Georgia Big Cats- 
12.06138Wandering Warthogs- 
12.08140Killington Kings- 
12.09141Tennessee Wookies- 
12.10142Rhody Ugly Apes- 
12.11143Master of Puppets- 
12.12144Sapporo Samurai- 
13.01145Sapporo Samurai- 
13.02146Master of Puppets- 
13.03147Rhody Ugly Apes- 
13.04148Tennessee Wookies- 
13.05149Killington Kings- 
13.07151Wandering Warthogs- 
13.08152Georgia Big Cats- 
13.09153Burlington Big'uns- 
13.10154Insane Tick Posse- 
13.11155Pepperell Freaks- 
13.12156Quincy Quaffers- 
14.01157Quincy Quaffers- 
14.02158Pepperell Freaks- 
14.03159Insane Tick Posse- 
14.04160Burlington Big'uns- 
14.05161Georgia Big Cats- 
14.06162Wandering Warthogs- 
14.08164Killington Kings- 
14.09165Tennessee Wookies- 
14.10166Rhody Ugly Apes- 
14.11167Master of Puppets- 
14.12168Sapporo Samurai- 
15.01169Sapporo Samurai- 
15.02170Master of Puppets- 
15.03171Rhody Ugly Apes- 
15.04172Tennessee Wookies- 
15.05173Killington Kings- 
15.07175Wandering Warthogs- 
15.08176Georgia Big Cats- 
15.09177Burlington Big'uns- 
15.10178Insane Tick Posse- 
15.11179Pepperell Freaks- 
15.12180Quincy Quaffers- 
16.01181Quincy Quaffers- 
16.02182Pepperell Freaks- 
16.03183Insane Tick Posse- 
16.04184Burlington Big'uns- 
16.05185Georgia Big Cats- 
16.06186Wandering Warthogs- 
16.08188Killington Kings- 
16.09189Tennessee Wookies- 
16.10190Rhody Ugly Apes- 
16.11191Master of Puppets- 
16.12192Sapporo Samurai- 
Average Time Waiting To Make Pick
FranchiseTotal Wait TimeAverage Wait TimeNum Picks
Sapporo Samurai--0
Rhody Ugly Apes--0
Master of Puppets--0
Burlington Big'uns--0
Wandering Warthogs--0
Tennessee Wookies--0
Georgia Big Cats--0
Quincy Quaffers--0
Insane Tick Posse--0
Pepperell Freaks--0
Killington Kings--0