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Category: Live Scoring
1.Why is Live Scoring displaying different matchups than my Playoff Brackets?
2.How do I get faster and more comprehensive live scoring for my MyFantasyLeague.com league?
3.How can I change how my team name appears in live scoring?
4.How can I add the Live Scoring module to my Home Page?
5.Why are my teams not matched up with their opponent on the Live Scoring Pages?
6.When do the live scoring reports advance to display the next weeks matchups?
7.Why doesn't live scoring show points for manual player score adjustments?
8.Why is the Live Scoring different than the Final Weekly Results?
9.Why are the live scoring pages displaying results that I know are wrong?
10.What does the "Player Minutes Remaining" mean on the live scoring pages?
11.I've chosen my own skin (or time zone) for my league appearance - why do I not see it on the live scoring pages?
12.Our Defense gives points for shutouts and "Points Allowed". The Live Scoring page is showing these fantasy points at the START of every game. Is there a way to delay the calculation until the end of the game?
13.How do I Use the Live Scoring Page?

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