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1.How do I use my league home page?


Select this option to go back to your league's home page.  This page offers a variety of items that can be displayed or hidden.

Specific Items

Login/Logout - Use this link to access your league's team and commissioner features (login) and exit the system completely (logout).  You generally only need to logout when you are using a computer that someone else might use to visit the site.  In addition, if you are the commissioner of the league, you'll see an option to "Become Owner", and then later "Become Commissioner" again, making it easy for you to change your identity between these two roles.

Help Center - Click on this link from any page to get context-sensitive help from this Detailed Help File.

League Logo Image - Use this field to define a logo for your league.  Set this using the Images & Other URLs Setup screen.

Scrolling Text - This scrolling text can be used to display a league message up to five lines in length.  Define this using the Scrolling Text screen.

Home Page Message - This option can be used to define any additional text that you need to place on your home page.  You can even use HTML to control formatting for the message.  Set this using the Home Page Message Setup screen.

League Standings - The optional head to head or total points standings can be displayed as well.  Enable/disable this using the Home Page Modules & Tabs Setup. Add, remove, or change the appearance of this report using the Standings Setup and the Standings Column Setup screens.

Additional Modules - This section contains a few of the remaining miscellaneous information for your league.  See the Home Page Setup screen for a complete list of modules that can be added to your home page.

Other Related Items

Skin - Through the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), your league can take on it's own customized look and feel.  Either define your own CSS and upload using the Images & Other URLs Setup screen, or select from one of our predefined skins with the Select A Skin screen.

Icons - Change using either Icons Setup or Franchise Setup - Customize.

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2.How do I set up a league on


While there are countless ways to define a fantasy league using, there are a number of basic steps that all new commissioners should take.  The following should be used as a guideline to help you to define much of your league's setup in a short amount of time.

When creating a league, At a minimum, you'll need to define on the General League Setup a

  • League Name - Enter the name for your Fantasy League
  • League Email - this is your email you will use as commissioner
  • Number of Franchises - total number of franchises in your league
  • Roster Spots - total number of roster players

You can also select how rosters are determined (draft, auction etc) at the start of the season and your schedule type for the season.  Additionally on this screen you can enable more advanced options such as Salaries, IR and Taxi.

Once you click on the Save League Setup button, the system will generate a new league for you. There's absolutely no purchase obligation for setting up a league.  You can also make alterations to these setup parameters at any time for your league.

NOTE: Upon completion of this step, you will be taken back to your home page. The "League Setup - Next Steps" message will appear only for the commissioner account. At the top It will include your 5-digit league ID which corresponds to the last 5 characters of your home page web address (URL).

  1. Define your franchise (team) information using the For Owners > Franchise Setup menu item.  At a minimum it's a good idea to define the email addresses for all the owners in your league as soon as you can.  If you don't have all the addresses now, this isn't a problem as you can always come back to this screen in the future.  You might also want to define a team name for each franchise.  Click on the Save Franchise Setup button to store all your changes.
  2. Select the positions your league wishes to use on the For Commissioners > Setup > Starting Lineup Setup screen.
  3. Define your league's scoring rules using the For Commissioners > Setup > Select a Packaged Scoring System system or create your own customized rules on the Custom Scoring Setup screen.
  4. Set your league's fantasy schedule using the For Commissioners > Fantasy Schedule Setup screens.  Either choose a pre-packaged system schedule from Select A Packaged Schedule , manually define a schedule one week at a time via Weekly Schedule Setup or use the Schedule Generator.
  5. Define your league's waivers (player adds & drops) using the For Commissioners > Setup > General Add/Drop Setup. For details on these parameters see the How to Setup Waivers/FA on MFL.
  6. Set up your parameters for your upcoming Draft or Auction.  See the detailed Tutorials for instructions on setting up these features and how to properly define them for your league to ensure the best draft experience.
  7. Create your own playoff brackets by selecting one of our Packaged options on the Package Playoff Bracket Setup. Or create your own customized brackets. For details check out the How to Setup Fantasy Playoffs.
  8. Finally, use the For Commissioners > Setup > Invite Franchise Owners screen to invite owners to your newly-created league.  Owners will follow the instructions in their email to access is one of the most customizable sites in fantasy football, so you have the opportunity to stop here and you are all set for the season, or you can go to the For Commissioner > Setup screen to explore many of the feature rich options that we offer and apply this to your league.

At this point your league is fully defined and ready to use.  However, we've spent a lot of time to give you some extra bells and whistles.  The majority of items used to customize the appearance of your menu are found in the Setup - Appearance Setup screens.

NOTE: On every setup page there is a link in the menu for Help > "Help on this Page". Click this to view details of all the options on a specific setup page.

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3.How do I set up (or customize) my league home page?

Answer: To adjust your Leagues Home Page as commissioner you can go to the For Commissioner > Setup > Home Page Modules & Tabs Setup

If the commissioner has given owners the ability to customize their home page in the For Commissioner > Setup > Abilities Setup then an owner can go to the For Owners > Franchise Setup and click on the "Home Page Setup" link.

  1. From the list of Available Modules, the left hand column, choose what module you would like to include on your league home page by highlighting that module.
  2. If adding a new column, first select the module "Set Column Width"? from the list of Available Modules and click the Add To Tab> button under the corresponding Tab. Next, you will be asked how wide (as a percentage) you would like the new column to be. You will need to set these columns to total 100.
    NOTE: If you wish to have 2 columns you can set them as (50,50) or (33,67). If you wish to have on the page one module that is full width, then separate you will enter all these columns at the same time (100,33,67) so that each set equals 100.
  3. Click on the Add To Tab > button to add to your Current Modules. Alternately if you choose to remove a module from your Current Modules you can highlight that module and choose the
  4. Once all modules are added to your Current List you may use the Up/Down Arrows to change the order for appearance on your Home Page.
  5. Once you have arranged your Currently Used Modules you MUST click the Save Home Page Setup in order to apply your changes.

NOTE: At any time you can click the option to "Reset to Default" to set your league back up to the original format from


To add additional Tabs to your Home Page you can select the button at the end of your tab list to "Add New Tab". A pop-up will appear to allow you to name your tab.
You can then add modules to this tab as described above.

To rearrange your tabs on your home page you will use the < and > arrows at the top of each Tab to place them in your desired layout.

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4.How do I add reports (modules) to my league home page?

Answer: You can go to your For Commissioner > Setup > Home Page Modules and Tabs Setup and add modules to your current Tabs.
Owners can go to the For Owners > Franchise Setup - Home Page Setup if given permission by the Commissioner to Customize League Pages on the Setup > Abilities Setup.

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5.Why can't I log into my league?

Answer: Note that you need to have an account on You can register for your account here. Then you will be able to link your MFL account to your league. This will allow you to access all leagues with a single sign in.

If you are having issues logging into your MFL account see the following:

1. You've mistyped your password. Passwords ARE case sensitive, so double-check your CAPS LOCK key on your keyboard. If you are not absolutely certain of your password, from the login page choose your franchise and click on the "Email Me My Login Information" button.

2. Your web browser does not have cookies enabled or is blocking your cookies to the site. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, check the bottom status bar of your browser window for a red circle with a slash through it? If you see that, click on it for detailed instructions on how to enable cookies. Otherwise, please look through your web browser's on-line help for how you can enable cookies.

3. Your "" cookie is corrupt, and needs to be deleted. If you're running Internet Explorer, the best way to find and delete them is to close Internet Explorer then use Windows Explorer and search for a folder called 'cookies'. From that folder, delete all items named "". If you're running Firefox:

a) Click on Tools, then Options
b) Select the Privacy tab
c) Click on Cookies
d) Click on View Cookies (or, "remove individual cookies")
e) Remove all "" cookies from that list of cookies.

If you're running another web browser, look through your browser's on-line help documentation for how to delete cookies.

4. Your work computer is behind a corporate firewall (or your home computer is behind a personal firewall) that is blocking cookies to the site. If this is the case, you will have to contact your company's IT department (or review the documentation for your firewall software) to allow cookies/access to the '' domain.

5. Your computer's date or time is incorrectly defined. Please correct to the proper date and time.

6. You've got privacy/filtering software installed on your computer that is blocking cookies to the site. In this case, you will need to review the documentation for your privacy/filtering software to allow cookies/access to the '' domain.

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6.Why can't I hear the sound clip I've specified for my franchise sound clip?

Answer: There could be several reasons why. Please check all of the following things.

1 ) Double check that you have this option set to YES on the Franchise Setup Page here:
"Play Audio Clips on League Pages?"

2 ) Can you hear other sounds on your computer? If not, please check your computer owner's manual to be sure that your speakers are properly attached to your computer and configured.

3 ) Can you hear sounds on other web pages? If not, there is a good chance that your web browser is not configured to hear sound clips properly. You should check your web browser's documentation (or, search Google) for instructions on how to set it up so you can hear .WAV or .MP3 files. Also, be sure that your web browser is upgraded to the latest version. Sometimes older versions of web browsers have problems preventing them from playing sounds - specifically, Firefox 22 has a known bug related to sounds which is fixed in Firefox 23 (and later) versions. Here's another site with tips for configuring google chrome for sound when you have issues.

4 ) Is the web address (URL) specified for your franchise sound clip correct? URLs must be entered EXACTLY correctly in order to play the sound you've specified. The best way to test this is to go to your franchise setup page or your appearance page, highlight your sound clip URL with your mouse, use the Copy option off your Edit menu to copy the URL, then paste it into your browser's Location type-in box, to try to go directly to that URL. Your web browser should start playing the specified sound clip. If you hear or see ANYTHING else other than the sound clip you've specified (including a full web page that happens to have the sound clip embedded in it), then you've entered an incorrect URL.

5 ) You've specified a file type other than .WAV or .MP3 - .WAV and .MP3 files are the ONLY kind of sound clips you can embed into league web pages.

If you've checked all of the above things, and all looks OK, you should contact your PC's support line (or, do a Google search) to have them help you with your problem. Due to the complex nature of audio problems we cannot offer further support for audio problems.

NOTE: The league sound clip option has been deprecated going forward on MFL. This was due to incompatibility with most modern browsers and mobile interfaces. So there isn't any way to add a sound clip to your league home page anymore.

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7.When I click on my buttons on my home page why does it take me to last years links?

Answer: Those buttons are custom links that were added by your commissioner in a previous season, and need to be updated to point to your current season. You can update those links in the Links > My Links > Edit My Links and update them to the current season.

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8.Why do some of my home page modules seem to disappear? The header is still there, but the information is missing.

Answer: All the home page modules have the ability to be contracted and expanded by clicking the +/- sign that appears in the header. When closed, the module will still display it's title. If you notice a module with only a title bar click on the "+" sign and it will expand to it's full size.

The commissioner can adjust this feature in the For Commissioner > Setup > Reports & Security Settings by allowing leagues to"Allow collapsing of home page modules".

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9.Why did my schedules, articles and deadlines advance to the following week when the current week just kicked off?

Answer: The site is automated so that many items advance once a given week kicks off (such as articles, newsletters and schedules).

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10.Why are my messages and articles not appearing on my league home page?

Answer: You need to choose to add these modules to be displayed on your Home Page Setup. These can be added by going to your Setup > Home Page Modules & Tabs Setup and you will highlight the modules that you wish to appear on your Home Page and click the "Add" button to add them to the currently viewed modules, and then save your updated league home page setup.

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11.The menu bar at the top of my page is missing. What do I do?

Answer: First, clear your cache. The easiest way to clear your cache is to go to the page in question, and then press and hold the "Shift" key down on your keyboard while pressing the "Reload" (or "Refresh") button on your web browser. This will force your computer to get a brand new page from our site, rather than relying on the cached copy you already have on your computer.

Next, logout (if you are logged in). If the menu now appears, then most likely an owner in your league has defined an invalid HTML character in either the franchise name or email address. If you need further help tracking down the offending franchise, please submit a support ticket to us.

If the menu still does not appear, then you should check to see if Javascript is enabled for your browser (see the separate Setup FAQ entry on "Javascript" for details). You may also need to check any firewall (hardware or software) or anti-virus/anti-spam program on your PC to ensure Javascript is not being filtered. Lastly, you may need to upgrade or re-install your web-browser.

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12.Is there any way to have more than one league article on the home page at the same time?

Answer: Yes - just add the 'Headlings for 10 Newest League Articles' to be linked to your Home Page through the Home Page Modules and Tabs Setup screen, and then you'll see a summary of the 10 most recent league articles on your league home page.

However, you can only see one full article on the league home page at any one time by adding the 'Newest League Article' home page module to your league home page.

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13.Why are there two icon helmets for one or more franchises on my standings report?

Answer: On the Setup > Icons Setup screen you have most likely chosen to 'Use Franchise Icon instead of franchise name where possible on league pages'. Then in the Setup > Standings Setup screen you have defined your Standings report to use the "Icon & Name" column.

To fix this, go to the Icons Setup screen and revert the 'Use Franchise Icon instead of...' setting back to "No". Alternately, go to the Standings Setup screen and replace the "Icon & Name" column with the "Name" column.

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14.How can I find my league home page web site address? (Or, how do I find all of my leagues on MFL?)

Answer: Go to the home page at where you can search based on your league name, your 5-digit league ID, or all/part of your league commissioner's email address or your email address. If you enter your entire email address, the search results will show you all of the leagues you're currently associated with.

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15.Can I change my username?

Answer: No, there isn't any way to change the username of your account. However, the username is not displayed in your league at all. It is just used internally by the system to keep track of which leagues are linked to your account. And you can use your email address (instead of your username) to login, so you don't even need to remember your username as long as you remember the email address that is associated with your MFL account.

Also, keep in mind that your franchise name within the league is totally separate from your username. So it does not have to match, and you can change your Franchise Name by using the "For Owners > Franchise Setup" screen if desired.

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16.My League Chat (or Matchup Chart, or other chart, or My Player Photos) home page module does not work on my league home page - why?

Answer: Certain league home page modules, including: League Chat, My Player Photos, My Matchup Chart, Weekly Results Chart, Points Allowed By Position, and Starter Points By Position can only appear one time on a league home page. So, if any of these modules are not appearing or working correctly, the first thing to do is to remove the second (and any subsequent) instances of these modules, regardless of what home page tab it might be on.

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