Show me the highest scoring between week and week
Player Records
1.1.Portis, Clinton WAS RB200314Insane Tick Posse - S60
2.2.Martin, Doug TBB RB20129Burlington Big'uns - S60
3.3.Charles, Jamaal KCC RB201315Tennessee Wookies - S60
4.4.Kamara, Alvin NOS RB202016Killington Kings - S59
5.5.Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB201614Rhody Ugly Apes - S58
6.6.Johnson, Chris TEN RB20092Rhody Ugly Apes - S57
7.7.Hill, Tyreek KCC WR202012Tennessee Wookies - S57
8.8.Peterson, Adrian MIN RB20079Insane Tick Posse - S55
9.9.Harrison, Jerome CLE RB200915Free Agent55
10.10.Cook, Dalvin MIN RB20208Tennessee Wookies - S54
11.11.Bennett, Drew TEN WR200414Insane Tick Posse - S53
12.12.Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB20053Burlington Big'uns - S53
13.13.Marshall, Brandon DEN WR200914Killington Kings - S53
14.14.Vick, Michael PHI QB201010Burlington Big'uns - S53
15.15.Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB201816Burlington Big'uns - NS53
16.16.Fuller, Will HOU WR20195Burlington Big'uns - NS53
17.17.Lockett, Tyler SEA WR20207Tennessee Wookies - S53
18.18.Best, Jahvid DET RB20102Georgia Big Cats - S52
19.19.Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB20114Killington Kings - S52
20.20.Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB201414Georgia Big Cats - S52
21.21.Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB20148Georgia Big Cats - NS52
22.22.Gurley, Todd LAR RB201716Rhody Ugly Apes - S52
23.23.Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB200317Jackson Hole Jackelopes - S51
24.24.Bush, Reggie NOS RB2006130H'fers - S51
25.25.Curtis, Kevin PHI WR20073Burlington Big'uns - NS51