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Official Stat Corrections (Published Wed Feb 24 10:39:36 a.m. ET 2021)

The Official Stat Corrections process has been updated to make the process smoother on a weekly basis. Now the weekly stat corrections will be processed in the middle of the night (very early Thursday morning) instead of at 10:00am ET on Thursdays, so that any standings changes will be finalized earlier. In addition, the option to manually apply them on a weekly basis has been removed since that caused confusion and was an error prone option. Note that weekly stat corrections are not available for Guillotine style leagues, since they rely on final results to determine which franchise to drop each week.

Menu items moved (Published Sat Feb 20 9:13:59 p.m. ET 2021)

Some top level Commissioner functions have been moved since they are generally not needed on a weekly basis:

  • The Recalculate Standings option has been moved to the "For Commissioners > Setup > Adjust Scores and Standings" section.
  • The Statistics Changes option has been moved to the "For Commissioners > Setup > Scoring and Standings Setup" section.
  • The Delete Transactions option has been moved to the "For Commissioners > Setup > Add/Drop and Waivers Setup" section

Player Salaries Report (Published Tue Feb 16 10:39:12 p.m. ET 2021)

For leagues that use salary caps, there is a new "Reports > Players > Player Salaries" report. This report was actually added late last season, but we wanted to remind leagues about it for this year. It was also updated this year to show Player Contract information (Year, Status, Contract Info) in addition to player salaries for leagues that use contracts.

Note that this report has clickable column headers so you can sort the report by any of the numerical columns (or any other columns that make sense to be sorted, such as the player name).

New Player Additions (Published Sat Feb 13 4:42:19 p.m. ET 2021)

There is a new report on the "Help" pull down menu that will keep track of all the NFL players added to the system throughout the season. It will initially just show the 100+ Rookie prospects that were added to the system when we launched the 2021 season. Then as more rookies are added to the system during the actual NFL draft, and when UDFA (Undrafted Free Agent) players are added after the draft, they will also appear on this new report.

All new players will be locked when they are added to the system. Therefore, leagues that use a waiver system will not be able to pick up new players via FCFS when they are initially added to the league. They will have to go through at least one waiver process in order to be picked up by a franchise in a league that uses waivers.

Transfer Rosters for IR and Taxi Squad (Published Thu Feb 11 6:58:13 p.m. ET 2021)

For Dynasty and Keeper Leagues, there is a Transfer Rosters screen that is used after a league is upgraded to the new season. The Transfer Rosters screen has been updated for 2021 with two new options:

  • Activate all players on Injured Reserve
  • Promote all players on Taxi Squad
These new options allow you to choose whether to leave IR or Taxi Squad players as is, or transfer them to the active roster instead to start out the new season.

Secure League Pages (Published Wed Feb 10 10:25:22 a.m. ET 2021)

As part of the transition to the 2021 fantasy season, we removed the option to select whether or not to "Use SSL" on the Reports and Security Settings screen, because All Leagues are now Required to use SSL. This was done for various reasons, mainly to keep up with standard practices and to make sure league pages could be accessed from all modern web browsers.

There were only a few leagues left that hadn't switched to the SSL option, so this won't be an issue for most leagues. If your league was still using the non-secure option because of customization or external links to images and other files, then you may notice that your league home page is not rendering properly. In that case, you'll need to work on converting all of the non-secure images and links and add-ons to a secure environment, or temporarily remove those external links. In most cases, you can just change your external links from "http://" to "https://" or just use "//" depending on how you are linking to the external resources. If that doesn't work, then you may have to contact the sites you are linking to to have them update their pages to support SSL.